Summer 2018!

"TARGET PRICES" .............are undoubtedly the best place to start your search for sterilizer & decontamination equipment! Then look to see who is best placed to install, support & maintain the equipment throughout its working life.


Manufacturer    Model                             Price         (just a few samples of the manychoices available)

    • NSK    S max    new S cycle model              £2595.00. 
    • NSK    iClave Plus                                           £4895.00  (package offers available)
    • W&H  Lisa 17 ltr                                              £4995.00 
    • W&H  Lisa  22ltr                                              £5500.00 
    • Newmed  Kronus Dentasure 18 ltr              £3700.00    (incudes USB & datalogger)
    • Melag 31B +                                                    £3995.00
    • Eschmann 3000B                                          £4700.00 

It can sometimes seem a very precipitous course and perhaps one of the least enjoyable tasks of trying to get the best deal on decontamination equipment. You may have done your homework and probably narrowed the field by a process of elimination or recommendation. PRICE : is of course always important but prices quoted can have hidden extras! BUT remember the top 10 tips below . If you want us to help further, perhaps cutting through the jargon in brochures or web-sites please email with your particular question to or just use our contact page.


  1. Prices do not usually include VAT so you need to add the relevant rate to quoted price

  2. Price may not include a recorder. Data loggers are more convenient, printers can be easy to read in real-time but require a more organised physical storage of the results.

  3. Often installation can be up to £150.00 extra so try to include or detail this in any deal

  4. Check-out the service requirements as this could add to ongoing costs quite considerably and check who can carry out servicing to see if there is local support.

  5. Your shiny new machine will need adjacent services like power and maybe drain. A water supply and/or drain if its a washer, [normally prior to installation or a return to site charge could be made]

  6. Delivery could add £100.00 to each bit of equipment so check how much and ask if its free, its worth a haggle!

  7. Does it come with 'validation included' * "When is validation not really validation"     (links to articles )

  8. Warranty is a given, but don't be sucked-in by the "includes 5 years warranty" promise, always check it out, see if there is a limitation on cycles and always read the small print and get the detail in an email to avoid misunderstandings later!

  9. Quality usually means longevity and fewer breakdowns but not always, so when we get sufficient feedback, check out reviews and don't be shy to make comments or ask. Dental chat lines can help to form an opinion but often it's only the negative comments that make the news. Better still, just ask other users!

  10. Remember, 'universal advice' still applies to dentistry. If its looking cheap it probably is not going to be in the long run! Beware of "fakes", "genuine bargains", or "up-cycled" equipment. It is after all, an electrical - medical-product. In the case of a humble sterilizer it is also classed as pressure vessel, containing perhaps 2 tonne of pressure behind the door, so don't take risks!                *GO TO MUCH MORE ADVICE PAGE

SOME OFFERS WE FOUND ON THE WEB!                                                                                                                                                                                                             


All promotions you see are not including VAT & some may have conditions that will include a delivery charge, installation charge, cycle limited warranty, time restricted offer, minimal account spend value, geographical limitations etc etc etc.... and apart from VAT some will include everything!! Most have built-in loggers, USB ports and/or printers and some will need this additional equipment perhaps at a substantial additional cost:

Remember that recording and saving of cycle information are an important part of your guidance and compliance, so unless you have the time to manually record everything with pen & paper, it really  needs to be included with purchase. Don't confuse the term 'installation' with 'validation.To read more follow this link to our page

Some special promotions may include free hand-pieces, cleaning machine, iPad, cuddly-toy or even a holiday in Belgium. So check first and compare with the outright machine price as you may already have a cuddly toy and maynot need another holiday to Belgium......……just yet!                                                      

Not all retailers may offer these prices but the 'TARGET' is agreat place to start!                       * we are not responsible for external links to other manufacturers or distributors web-sites or information sheets we may link to that are provided by others.     ** click on link. 

SUPPLIERS: please contact us if you want add to, amend your prices or promotions The more models and makes the better & more informed choice for the all of the decontamination team. We have direct inquiries from our site so we know it works!

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