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 If you read the "who-we-are" many will recognise me and some may even still be around that joined me on some of the early Bien-Air or W&H trips and visits or the many training or golf-days. So why advertise or sponsor and spend precious marketing budget on a new venture? In my many happy dental-trade years at W&H as Products Manager Medical, dedicated to decon, among all of the diverse questions that fell onto my lap, the most frequent was of course price, no surprise there! but also 'does it compare with'…… or 'does it come complete with? how long is the vacuum cycle? does it comply with HTM?…….. or simply; is that the only colour it comes in?…….. you know the score! So everything is unknown until it gets known and the only way it gets known is by people like you, telling the Dental Team or colleagues about us and what we feel is a unique site. Perhaps "as seen on Practical Decontamination" on quotations, letters or ads and of course I will promote Practical Decontamination also. Are there Costs? Yes; for being on the 'info' link on our equipment best price page. Also you have the option to benefit from placing your logo or/and advertising, in suitable positions within some selected pages we have chosen for this purpose or some degree of 'sponsorship' As long as we can stay truly independent, which is the point of the site, we are happy to look at your proposal. Reviews are a brand new feature and have already attracted two of the big-players. I would be more than happy to cast my eyes over your product or even your company and look to include it on these new pages. We feel revenue will come for you from this 'more info' link into the best deal guide where your; best price…... availability from……. comes complete with free……., will all be on show for the potential purchaser at a click of the mouse or finger as we are now 'mobile'. Keep it current or fresh with promotions or just more information just by asking us to redirect the link to a new web page or PDF that you send us. Of course we can include your company/product logo to give it even more focus. The prices published are taken from written or spoken sources and samples are shown on the page (we will be adding to this with a complete list of popular products) I want them as accurate and current as it is possible so I need the feedback from all. I hope by being open with your prices for all to see still leaves an edge for your sales team when negotiating with potential customers to convince them you have the better product, offer better value...service/support.... and are a great company to deal with! In the future I want to bring on-board the washer-disinfector and all ancillary equipment surrounding decon including water treatment units reviews. So if you are a company manufacturing, selling or supplying a machine and if you have a great product or a new product coming out soon, let me know if you want me to include it on this site. So if you feel you wish to join the others, please fill out your details on the Contact Us page or simply drop me an email on; If you wish I will call you back for a chat to discuss further to see what you require and the options. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

       Malcolm and friends.

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