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Practical Decontamination 


Q :What is the point of the site?

A :To give you a say in decom equipment choice, price and service . To keep you informed and entertained!

Q :Why do you need my contact details when you ask for information or advice?

A :So we know any feedback, reviews, articles and news are genuine and not 'planted' by others** (see below). 

Q :Will you pass these to any third party?

A :No, we will never pass personal information you have supplied without express permission from you first**  (see below)

Q :Can I buy equipment directly from you?

A :No, we are only acting as an information site for products and services but also where you can purchase them. Any problems with pricing & supply, we may be able to assist.

Q :Can suppliers contact you directly?

A ;Yes, we always like to hear of new products, promotions or services, so we can pass them on to you and welcome the opportunity to review any new sterilizers or even current models.

Q :Can you guarantee the prices are correct?

A :No, we only pass information to you supplied by manufactures and dealers etc. Always check with them first, you never know, it may even be less or maybe now have a more current promotion!

Q :Will you charge for event or news submission?

A :No, local meetings, news and events are free. Commercial events will attract a small fee, please check with us first.


A: Yes we comply with the new GDPR regulations and will never pass your details on to a third-party and will never contact you unless you specifically wish us to by means of a phone call, an email or letter, please state your preference in any communication.

We DO NOT collect , store or give out details of any specific customer or enquirer . So if you want a distributer representative to contact you, please let us know.